Microneedles and diabetes

In the future, being vaccinated could be as easy as sticking a patch on, leaving it on for a few seconds or minutes, and then peeling it off. Almost anyone could do it, and it would be mostly painless.
At the Georgia Techs School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, researchers are working on micro needles.

Microneedles with a regular hypodermic

Tiny microneedles, each smaller than a human hair. Some are only a third the thickness of a human hair. When hundreds or thousands of these tiny microneedles attached to skin they can deliver medicines with little or no pain. Not much training will be necessary to learn how to apply them. In the event of a medical emergency their ability to be quickly applied by untrained personal, could make them a Godsend.

Let see what future brings us regarding diabetes and blood sugar control.