Natural Treatment for Insulin Resistance

People who are diagnosed with diabetes need to face the fact that their entire life would be divided between living meaningfully and managing the illness. There are now many methods in treating diabetes (aside from the most common methods such as dialysis, medical treatments, or physician-planned diets). Perhaps, the most revolutionary method (though not exactly new) is the use of natural treatments. The use of natural treatments is now just being rediscovered.

Naturopathy is the use of natural methods to treat any ailments. The most common ‘natural remedies’ for illnesses (including diabetes) include the elements of air, water, light, heat, exercise, and proper diet. Hippocrates, then, was not wrong when he stated that ‘nature cures but not the physicians’.

Naturopathy goes back thousands of years ago and has been proven to heal without any side effects. For naturopathy to be effective, the patient has to undergo a complete makeover on his lifestyle and his eating patterns. For instance, he has to let go of toxic substances that he usually ingests such as coffee (and the caffeine that goes with it), fast foods, and junk foods. Also, the new menu should go hand in hand with a good exercise that has been prescribed by the patient’s physician.

Natural treatments
Natural treatment is all about focusing on the patient’s desire to overcome the illness (well, if not to totally overcome in the case of diabetics, at least to have a control over the illness). Reorganizing the eating habits of the patient is just one of the many forms of natural treatments. There are also other forms of treatment such as hydrotherapy, mud therapy, detoxification, herbal medicines, and massages. Natural treatments usually do not alleviate diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes patients who undergo hydrotherapy have reported many improvements on their condition. Most of them agree that they sleep better and their blood glucose levels are managed. This treatment, also called as hot tub therapy is done in water tanks where the patient is partially submerged. It is often the extremities that are given the treatment.

The earth is often thought as the provider of grains and all other foods that are necessary for human sustenance. It is this exact same power that is being utilized on mud or clay packs and is being used by diabetics as a treatment method. It is believed that these mud packs (more so on mud baths) can remove toxins from the body aside from activating major organs of the body. Also, mud is said to cool down the nervous system which is also highly beneficial.

Mud and clay packs
Mud or clay packs are often plastered on the affected areas and for mud baths, well, the patient has to be submerged in mud for a few minutes (30 minutes should suffice). The notion on using volcanic regions was conceptualized because of the need for mud therapy. The only preparation that has to be made is to make sure that the earth or mud that is going to be used is free from infection which could aggravate and not help the condition of the patients.

Massage targets the nervous, musculoskeletal, circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body. This only spells one thing—complete well-being. Massage has been a known treatment for diabetics over the centuries and many civilizations have benefited from the use of this method of treatment. If massage is properly applied on the human body, it stimulates and promotes good health. Nowadays, there are so many massage clinics so it is easy for patients to get a hold of this type of treatment.

Herbal medicines
Herbal medicines are common among the Asian civilization. The Chinese and Japanese have always depended on herbs to cure their illnesses and this should not be any different today. Looking at these alternative treatments, diabetics now have better chances of combating the illness at a non-risky way—and that is really, really good news.

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